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spenco 47-480

Spenco® Sport Blister Pads

Each pad contains a soft hydrocolloid pad covered by an ultra-thin film dressing to promote faster healing! and help prevent scabs while protecting against reinjury. One easy application stays in place for up to five days to protect from dirt, bacteria and water. Proven hospital technology, each pad is transparent, discreel and latex free.
#47-480 Combo Pack
4 - Large 42mm x 70mm
4 - Medium 25mm x 62 mm

2nd Skin- QuikStik -
Adhesive Dressing (Sterile)

One-step application to cool and soothe scrapes and surface skin wounds on contact Combines a soft, moist hydrogel pad with an uhrathin adhesive film. The moist pad will not stick to the wound and the dressing may be left in place for up to five days. (Latex free)
#48-207 Combo Pack
3 - Large 44mm x 74mm
3 - Small 26mm x 56mm

2nd Skin QuikStik™
Adhesive Dressings
Dispensers (Sterile)

Ideal for clinics, training rooms and first aid stations-Each box contains 50 pads. (Latex free)
#48-215-08 50 Large Sterile Pads (74mm x 44mm)
#48-215-02 50 Small Sterile Pads (56mm x 26mm)