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spenco 44-545

Q Factor™ Technology:

Specifically designed to control the Q-Angle by providing proper support and alignment.

Gel Heel Strike Cushion:

Absorbs shock and returns energy in the key strike area.

Forefoot Cushioning:

Extra forefoot cushioning helps comfort and relieve pain under the ball of the foot.

Dual-density Lightweight Polyurethane:

This unique polyurethane design helps cradle the heel and support the arch to create the Q Factor™ technology.

Closed-Cell Nitrogen-injected Spenco® Material:

Exclusive cushioning layer absorbs shock and impact to provide maximum comfort.

Spenco is proud to donate a portion of the proceeds from each sale of this product to further support Breast Cancer Initiatives. For more information, please contact Spenco at 1-800-877-3626.

Cat. No. 44-545

Women are prone to certain
injuries because of an
increased quadriceps angle
(Q-angle) compared to men-
180 vs. 130. This increased
Q-angle contributes to poor
body alignment resulting in
pressure on a woman's knees,
hips and back. The Spenco®v Q Factor™ Insole is specifically
designed to address a woman's
unique Q-angle with targeted
foot support. The result is
better body alignment and
improved balance, helping to
reduce the risk of injury.

Targeted Comfort for a Woman's Foot

Normal Q-Angle
Males – 130
Females – 180