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Sorbothane® Ultra Graphite Arch Insole

Sorbothane® Ultra Graphite Arch Insole

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Sorbothane Ultra Graphite Arch insoles are a full-length full-foot support. These arch support are molded from high-quality materials, ensuring a lasting insole.The advanced polyurethane foam will provide structural support, cushioning, added energy return from each step and shock-absorption. The Ultra Graphite Arch Insoles feature the Energy Core metatarsal insert to provide maximum energy return, extra forefoot comfort and shock-absorption to cushion the ball of your foot. The graphite arch support is made from the same material prescribed for many custom orthotics, it helps to control foot motion, provide support and add stability to each step you take. The heel insert provides up to 94.7% of impact shock absorption reducing the stress and strain on your joints and bones. The Poron sock liner is inherently anti-fungal, moisture-wicking and non-slip so it will not slide around inside your shoe and is constructed of a high performance shape memory material which gives your foot extra shock-absorption and cushioning.

Sorbothane Ultra Graphite Arch full length insoles with heel and metatarsal inserts absorb up to 94.7% of impact shock and graphite arch support
  • Made from anti-fungal, moisture wicking and non-slip materials
  • Fits virtually any shoe type/size
  • Sold as a pair
  • PVC-free

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