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Sorbothane® Sorbo Women's Ultra Sole Insoles

Sorbothane® Sorbo Women's Ultra Sole Insoles

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Sorbothane® Women's Ultra Sole Insoles help prevent injury and relieve pain with proper foot alignment and shock absorption. This insole, designed for a woman’s foot to improve gait, is ideal for running and athletic shoes. It features a profile that curves to prevent excessive pronation (foot rolling inward). The narrow profile through the heel and midfoot anatomically mimics a woman’s heel-to-toe ratio for a perfect fit. In addition, the heel insert is made of Sorbothane, one of the most shock-absorbing materials in the world! 

  • Sorbothane heel insert absorbs up to 94% of shock upon impact.
  • Anti-slip fabric cover prevents foot from sliding forward in the shoe.
  • Sorbothane energy core provides maximum energy return for a bounce in your step.
  • Polyurethane layer absorbs and dissipates shock

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