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New Plantar Fasciitis Category

Posted by Nicole on 9/20/2010 to Plantar Fasciitis Information
If you haven't noticed yet, we are currently developing a section of the site that dedicated to Plantar Fasciitis! That's right! We want to provide you with information about the condition, ways to treat and products that will help. Stop by and check them out: Plantar Fasciitis They are a work in progress but we hope that you will find what you are looking for to treat your Plantar Fasciitis.

Featured Product - Superfeet Green

Posted by Nicole on 9/17/2010
Superfeet Green Insoles

The Superfeet Green insoles are terrific! These insoles can be trimmed to fit inside virtually any tennis shoe and is great for walking, running and hiking. These insoles are also recommended for industrial style footwear. If you are looking for an insole that provides support and comfort, the Superfeet Green insoles are a great choice. Superfeet is a brand of insoles that can be trusted based on their quality products and engineering. Try out a pair of their Superfeet Green Insoles today and you will probably end up a customer for life.

What is a Heel Spur?

Posted by Nicole on 9/15/2010

What are Heel Spurs?

Heel spurs are abnormal growth that develop on the heel bone because of calcium deposits. These calcium deposits build up because of a condition called plantar fasciitis, where the arches of the feet are weak and cause damage to the plantar fascia tendon that connects to the heel. People with flat feet (over-pronation) often develop heel spurs. Also individuals with high arches and women often develop heel spurs because of the type of footwear they often wear

What Causes Heel Spurs

Flat feet, high arches, Plantar Fasciitis, improper footwear and other factors.

How Can You Treat Heel Spurs?

First, you must figure out why the heel spurs are forming. After you have found the cause, then you can treat the symptoms and prevent the spurs from forming. If you have flat feet, an orthotic insole is most effective. It will support the arches as well as stabilize the heel. Other methods of treatment include: stretches & exercises for the plantar fascia muscle, elevating the heels with heel devices, wearing proper shoes and possibly losing weight if that is causing your arches to collapse.

Featured Product - Spenco 3/4 Length Orthotics

Posted by Nicole on 9/14/2010
Spenco Orthotic Insole

The Spenco 3/4 Length Orthotic Insole is great for those suffering from Plantar Fasciitis or deal with constant foot pain in the arches of their feet. The 3/4 length design allows you to move this insole from shoe to shoe without being limited on which shoes you can use this insole with (with the exception of open toed shoes, sandals or high heels). Let this Spenco Insoles help get rid of your arch pain by providing the arches of your feet with plenty of support. This insole is great for people with flat feet, low arches or arches that require additional support. Give the Spenco Orthotic Insole a try!

Insoles for Football

Posted by Nicole on 9/10/2010

The football season is upon us! All you football fans out there have to be pretty excited about that! You get to hang with friends, break open an ice cold drink, maybe gets some snacks ready and enjoy the game. Watching football often leads to playing football, maybe not full contact, but at least a little two hand touch, am I right? Well, if you are ready to strap on a helmet and throw around the pigskin for a little while then you should also be prepared to protect your feet. Try out a pair of Football Insoles. These insoles are designed specifically for playing a sport like football where your feet are getting a major workout. It is nice to know that your feet will be supported, cushioned and protected while you enjoy your favorite sport. Take full advantage of these football insoles this season.

Something Different - Sanuk Lumberjack

Posted by Nicole on 9/9/2010
Sanuk Lumberjack

Looking for something a little different? Try out a pair of Sanuk LumberJack sandals. These are the famous Sanuk sandal shoes and in fact, this particular pair is geared toward the coming winter season. The inside of the shoe is lined with a layer of fur to keep your feet comfortable and warm this winter. The Lumberjack features a red and black plaid design, warm fuzzy inside and a flexible sole that allows your feet to move and bend freely, just as they would if you were walking barefoot except with the benefit of having a protective shoe covering.

Foot Pain Identifier

Posted by Nicole on 9/8/2010
Foot Pain Identifier

Do your feet hurt? Are you having trouble figuring out exactly what the cause of your foot pain is? Perhaps you are just looking for information about foot pain and how to solve it? Well, give our Foot Pain Identifier Tool. All you need to know is where the foot pain you are experiencing is located. If you can isolate the cause of the pain to a certain area of your foot, then this tool can help. Even if you have several areas on your foot that hurt, you can click each one and figure out what the problem could be and how to fix it.

Go ahead, click around! There are a variety of conditions that cause foot pain, some minor, some serious. A lot of foot pain stems from improper footwear or standing for long periods of time. This can be solved with a nice pair of insoles or more comfortable shoes. If you have a foot condition that is causing your pain, you may need to seek medical advise as to what steps you should take to alleviate your pain.

Labor Day Weekend!

Posted by Nicole on 9/3/2010

Have a great Labor Day Weekend from everyone here at Bestinsoles.com!!!

Pace Calculator

Posted by Nicole on 9/2/2010
Pace Calculator

Looking for a Pace Calculator? Check the one out at www.pacecalculator.net. All you need is two out of the three requirements to calculate either your pace, time or distance. Let this calculator do all the math for you. This can be a valuable resource for all the runners out there. Go check it out!

What Does A Posted Heel Do?

Posted by Nicole on 9/1/2010
Posted Heel

The term posted heel gets thrown around a lot in the insole/podiatrist world and you might be asking yourself "What is a posted heel?" or "What does a posted heel do?", so here are some answers to those questions for you just to clear things up.

What is a Posted Heel?

A posted heel is part of an insole and will usually be prescribed to you by a doctor. Chances are, if you've heard the term, you probably are required to have them. If not, maybe you stumbled across the term on this site while looking for a pair of insoles. If you look at the picture above, you will notice that this insole curves upward toward the inside of the foot as this is a picture of a right side insole. That is what a posted heel looks like.

What Does a Posted Heel Do?

A posted heel correct what is referred to as Pronation or inward rolling of the feet. Typically, you will notice if you pronate because your knees will touch or rub together when you walk. It is also noticeable when walking as the ankles appear to be tilting inward with each step. What a posted heel can do is correct pronation. The posted heel realign the back part of the foot, preventing pronation from occurring.

So the next time you see or hear the word posted heel you will know what it is and what is is used for.