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Living with an Ingrown Toenail

Posted by TK on 3/25/2014 to Foot Pain Relief
Ingrown toenails are common and curable but unfortunately annoying and painful. Our orthopedic shoes and specialized insoles should help!

What a Treat: Yoga for Feet!

Posted by TK on 3/18/2014 to Foot Pain Relief
What a treat: yoga for the feet! Using reflexology, trigger points, deep tissue massage, and leg rollers to regulate energy and life force through the body’s meridians.

Best Insoles for Lower Back Pain

Posted by TK on 3/12/2014 to Foot Pain Relief
Did you know that lower pack pain could be caused by inadequate footwear? Don’t take a simple problem and throw money at a costly doctor visit — check your kicks first!

Sanuk Review- The Women's Yoga Mat Sandal

Posted by TK on 3/6/2014 to Product Reviews
Review on Sanuk’s Yoga Mat Sandals for Women. Five stars!