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What a Treat: Yoga for Feet!

Posted by TK on 3/18/2014 to Foot Pain Relief

There seems to be a new flavor of yoga every day: there’s naked yoga, Dungeons and Dragons yoga, Stand-up Paddleboard Yoga, Justin Bieber yoga (seriously)... So naturally, foot yoga is also thing. And it’s actually very helpful as an alternative pain reliever for sore or injured feet and lower legs. Also, if you are already a yogi, concentrating on the foot will help improve your practice. Your feet are the only part of the body that connects you to the earth in any standing position. Strong and balanced feet are rooted into the Earth — keeping you even and balanced on your mat in challenging standing and one-legged asanas (yoga poses).

Yoga of the foot can come via massage in what some people call deep tissue massage yoga. This method includes small balls and bar-shaped devices that you roll around under the foot to dig deep into the connective tissue that is typically over-worked and/or crammed into tight heels. Give your feet a break! The Cryosphere Foot Massager features tiny dots covering the massager to access and relieve pressure points. In acupressure and ayurvedic theory, these dots will purportedly open up energy channels that run throughout your body. When these channels become blocked, pain, soreness, and other ailments can occur. The Cryosphere Massager is peanut-shaped, so it is able to massage the entire sole of the foot with one simple movement — plus, it can be heated or chilled for hot/cold therapy. Yoga for feet focuses on reflexology, which promotes health and healing through massage and the aforementioned energy channels (aka meridians). One of the best way to really access meridians and the sore muscles of the feet is through dense balls, in which you can control by balancing on one foot (supported by a hand on a wall or barre) while manipulating the massage ball (like a Trigger Ball) to massage the muscles of the plantar fascia, the heel, and the central muscles between the toes.

Sometimes EVA foam rollers or other leg rollers are used in foot yoga classes. Best Insoles has a Trigger Ball brand Leg/Foot Combo Pack which includes a Trigger Leg Roller: a soothing device that gently yet effectively relieves runners pain and shin splits, among other sport injuries. The Trigger Ball Combo Pack also includes two Trigger Massage Balls and an instructional DVD. If you are intimidated by the concept of a yoga studio, maybe you are afraid it will fall too far out of your comfort zone, an instructional DVD is a great way to segway. Yoga therapy, a one-on-one with a yoga teacher trained in anatomy is also an option for using yoga techniques on your feet.

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