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What Does A Posted Heel Do?

Posted by Nicole on 9/1/2010
Posted Heel

The term posted heel gets thrown around a lot in the insole/podiatrist world and you might be asking yourself "What is a posted heel?" or "What does a posted heel do?", so here are some answers to those questions for you just to clear things up.

What is a Posted Heel?

A posted heel is part of an insole and will usually be prescribed to you by a doctor. Chances are, if you've heard the term, you probably are required to have them. If not, maybe you stumbled across the term on this site while looking for a pair of insoles. If you look at the picture above, you will notice that this insole curves upward toward the inside of the foot as this is a picture of a right side insole. That is what a posted heel looks like.

What Does a Posted Heel Do?

A posted heel correct what is referred to as Pronation or inward rolling of the feet. Typically, you will notice if you pronate because your knees will touch or rub together when you walk. It is also noticeable when walking as the ankles appear to be tilting inward with each step. What a posted heel can do is correct pronation. The posted heel realign the back part of the foot, preventing pronation from occurring.

So the next time you see or hear the word posted heel you will know what it is and what is is used for.

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