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Traction Cleats

Traction Cleats for Runners

Picture Courtesy of YAKTRAX
YakTrax Pro Traction 


As a runner, we understand how important it is for your to stick to your daily routine and get your morning (or whatever time of day you run) run in no matter what the cost. You will not be stopped by weather and we don't blame you. However, bad weather, such as snow or ice, can really put a damper on your regular running schedule. If you are not the treadmill running type, then you need a viable solution for getting your run done safely and effectively. Fortunately, there are winter foot products out there that can help you complete your runs safely, securely and help you maintain the traction you need to get through your run and workout. We have that viable solution for you.

If you could find an easy to use device that was simple to put on, take off, you could use with your existing shoes and was affordable, wouldn't that be something you would want to pick up? Well, one of those products was created by Yaktrax, a leading manufacturer of ice cleats. These ice cleats, in particular, slip right over your favorite pair of running shoes, which is great because not only do not you have to spend extra money on a pair of shoes you can only use a few times a year, but you get to maintain optimal running performance by utilizing your favorite running shoes that you can wear all yearlong (with the exception of regular wear and tear of course). Not only are you saving money, but the practicality of it all makes it that much more worth it. A safe run in your favorite running shoes - it doesn't get much better than that!

Traction Cleats are great for runners who are looking for stability, traction and longevity. These devices are relatively inexpensive and will get you through the snow and ice season. It will be some of the best money you have probably invested in running when you consider the value that these slip-on devices can bring to your winter running life. Ice traction cleats can prevent slip and fall accidents, which is great because a nasty spill could put a damper on your workout and running schedule. Don't let bad weather keep you from running, pick up a pair of traction cleats so you are not bogged down by the threat of rain, snow or ice. You can run your way through any of that bad weather with a pair of Yaktrax cleats.