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The Benefits of Barefoot Running

Posted by Nicole on 8/31/2010

This is an excellent video about the benefits of barefoot running with footage shot in a lab that shows a comparison between running with shoes and how that affects your feet and a runner without shoes that runs with a forefoot strike. A forefoot strike occurs when the runner lands on the fourth and fifth metatarsal area instead of landing on the heel as you would in traditional running shoes. This is the best way to run for your feet as it takes the stress off your heels, absorbs the impact much better and allows for your feet and legs to remain in motion instead of stopping then starting again after heel impact.

If you are a heel striker, then it is better for your to continue wearing shoes while you run so that they stay protected and the shock is absorbed appropriately. However, barefoot running can add a little extra pep in your step if done correctly. Also, if you have any foot problems such as Plantar Fasciitis, over-pronation, flat feet or any other problems that require special orthotics, devices or shoes, then barefoot running is not for you. This is fascinating information that we just had to share.

Video Courtesy of Nature Video

Recommended Barefoot Technology Product:

  • Sanuk - shoes that utilize barefoot techology that not only allows your feet to move freely and flex, but also protects them from environmental factors.

As a special precaution, although the video does not address it, be careful when you run barefoot. Sharp objects such as pebbles, rocks or even glass can damage your feet and cause infection. If you do not have a safe area to run in, then it is better to be safe than sorry. We would also recommend that you run barefoot on a treadmill, as this is the safer barefoot running option.

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