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Stay Safe on the Ice With Yaktrax

Posted by on 11/27/2013 to Product Reviews

As we enter in the frosty winter months, venturing outdoors can become a liability on extra cold, frosty days and nights. Whether you are a cross-country runner, work outside in the snow and ice, or just need to get to and from the office safely, Yaktrax can provide the extra traction on packed snow and ice that you will need. What is Yaktrax? Yaktrax are removable cleats that are easily installed and uninstalled overtop of any tennis shoe or boot. The cleats feature a web-like design with horizontal metal coils throughout that will bite into the snow or ice and provide the friction you need to prevent dangerous slips and falls.

To become compliant for the separate and specific needs of consumers, Yaktrax has developed a few different variations:

• Yaktrax Walker: For lighter applications, the Walker is great for day-to-day use. Lightweight in design and easily installed/taken off with the easy-to-use thumb tab.

• Yaktrax Pro: If your occupation requires you to work outdoors, the Yaktrax Pro was designed to make your life a whole lot easier. Made with durable natural rubber and featuring an adjustable top strap that keeps the Pro locked onto your shoe.

• Yaktrax XTR: If you are into cross-country hiking, mountain climbing, or other extreme sports, the XTR is just what you need. Inspired by tire chains, the XTR is heavy duty and built to last with rust-proof spikes and chains to keep you locked into the ice and snow.

What do you do to winterize your foot wear? If you've used Yaktrax, leave a product review on the product page!

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