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Sanuk Review- The Women's Yoga Mat Sandal

Posted by TK on 3/6/2014 to Product Reviews

I purchased my pair of Women’s Yoga Mat Sandals by Sanuk at a surf shop in 2005. I was looking to buy a pair of Rainbow Sandals but after checking the price, I opted for the stylish and orthopedic Yoga Mat Sandals. What initially attracted me to these shoes was the price: $25 (in those days) vs. paying $80 for trendy, and not-so-much attractive Rainbows — it was a no-brainer. My Sanuk Yoga Mat Shoes are navy blue, a color which since has been discontinued. They are very comfortable — the soles are actually made of recycled yoga mats! Although after almost ten years of use, they are still my go-to sandals. The thong-style upper is nice and wide, and the stub that fits in between the big toe and little toes has never given me a blister, rash, or irritation. Looking at my shoe, you can see the indention that my foot has made upon the shoe over nine and a half years, but the built-in arch support and roomy toebed has completely held it’s shape. Other than a slight discoloration where my barefeet have hit these flip flops repeatedly, the shoes are in excellent condition. I have worn them to the beach; to and from the yoga studio; pretty much every day and night of the summer months; and in the river, lake, and water. My Yoga Mat Sandals (as well as my yoga mat) stay in my trunk. This way they are readily available anytime I need to stretch my toes — and many times I slip them on my feet as soon as possible after a long work day in heels.

Comfortable. Orthopedic protection. Seriously long lasting. Cute. Eco-friendly and vegan. No blisters, burns, or discomfort…. What more could you want in a flip flop? View all of Sanuk’s flip-flops right here on Best Insole. Plus, right now, you can save $10 on a pair of Sanuks (or any other orthopedic sandal) when you buy two pair! Hurry, this special deal won’t last too much longer.

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