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Reflexology and Self-Massage at Home

Posted by on 11/12/2013 to Foot Pain Relief

Who doesn't love a good foot massage? Most proper forms of foot massage are based on reflexology, including Chinese foot massage, Swedish foot massage and Thai foot massage. Reflexology is a holistic form of massage in which certain trigger points (a.k.a. pressure points) on the sole of the foot are targeted -- relieving stress and possibly improving overall bodily health through the transfer of energy via channels or meridians. It is believed that natural life energy flows through these channels and health problems occur when proper energy flow is blocked or clogged. Reflexology unclogs the meridians through the sole of the foot. The concept is known as qi (China), prana (Hinduism), mana (Hawaiian), lung (Buddhism), ruah (Hebrew) or vital energy (here in the Western world). This concept is also similar to acupressure and acupuncture.

Generally what goes down during a reflexology massage session is the reflexologist (specialized massage therapist) starts out by inquiring about your lifestyle and health. Next you lay back in a massage table, shoes and socks off, and a reflexologist will first look at the foot and the way it is shaped, then stimulates different pressure points on the sole to access problem areas by addressing tenderness and tension. Then the feet are warmed up with brisk movements from the palms of the reflexologist, who may or may not use lotion or massage oils at this point. Finally, massage is performed during which pressure is applied from heel to toe, depending on your personalized needs.

Reflexology and other forms of foot massage are soothing, rejuvenate tired feet, and can even help to alleviate pain due to plantar fasciitis and other foot injuries.

Here at Best Insoles, we have plenty of self-massage products that use trigger or pressure points to relieve foot and lower leg pain:

  • Cryosphere Hot-Cold Foot Massager: Relieves foot pain, heel spurs, soreness and more using pressure points and hot or cold relief, depending on the pain. Hands-free so you can multitask: give yourself a foot massage at your desk while you work!
  • New Balance IPR3030 Pressure Relief Insoles with Metatarsal Support: Uses contour design and deep ergonomic cushioning to relieve foot pain through pressure point relief.
  • The Trigger Point Starter Set includes a massage ball, massage roller, and a baller block: everything you need to maintain proper biomechanics and keep pain at bay by using the body's natural trigger points.
  • Moji 360 Palm Massager: Uses small balls that roll, imitating pressure-point based massage in one unique, handheld self-massage mechanism.

Have you ever experienced reflexology or any other form of foot massage? Do you currently use self-massage products for the bottom of the feet? If so, let us know!

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