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Product Review - CEP Compression Socks

Posted by Nicole on 8/6/2010

As all high level pro athletes know, in order to get faster and stronger You have to workout at super high intensity levels to see real results. Working out at your maximum vo2 level while doing mind numbing efforts is just what we do. Throw in some muscle confusion by doing things that most people can't even imagine is the way to the top of your game. One more rep?

While on a training ride with my teammate, we were climbing up a 12% grade hill about 5 miles long when I came up with a great way to increase the effort. I pulled up along side him and told him to stop pedaling. When he did, I reached over and put my hand on the small of his back and accelerated! We took turns every mile, but think about the extra weight I was now pushing up the hill. He weighs 205, plus his bike so that was an instant increase of almost 225lbs. I was now pushing a combined weight of close to 375lbs. up a hill!! We finished the hill and then continued on for another 80 miles of roller coaster hills.

After a workout like this the two things you need most are proper nutrition and the product no pro athlete lives without today, COMPRESSION FABRIC. I love the compression socks from CEP because they are very comfortable and offer great increases in circulation and blood flow after riding or working out. The special fabrics breathe very well and don't make your legs hot even though they come up almost to the knee. So before you go out and push yourself to new levels of effort make sure to pick up some great socks from CEP. They are also made for running in so all you marathon runners they are for you to.

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