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Orthopedic Sandals: Put Some Spring in Your Step

Posted by TK on 2/25/2014 to Product Reviews

It’s almost March! Which means it’s less than a month away from the first day of spring (which is March 20th of this year, by the way). And as the cold days and nights are slowly replaced by more frequent days of mild weather, we start adjusting our dress accordingly — and this includes sandals and open toed shoes.

We love open toed shoes because they are cute, and allow our feet to breathe in more formal situations (for example - the office, out about town). But sometimes regular open toed shoes like ballet flats offer no arch support or heel cupping, which over time can lead to strains and injuries like plantar fasciitis, bunions, hammertoes, heel spurs, and more. The same goes for sandals. They are fun and easy to wear and look great (and seriously what else are you going to wear on the beach) but are often flat and offer little to no support. If you have a history of foot pain, diabetes, or are looking to prevent injury, orthopedic sandals and orthotic sandals will do the job — offering ample heel cupping, arch support and cushioning. Each sandal was created to support the full anatomical structure of the foot and features reduced friction. No longer will you have to suffer through the the ‘flip’ and ‘flop’ of regular sandals which rub against the foot, causing sores, blisters, and exacerbate injury. This can be particularly detrimental to diabetics, as even the smallest sore can lead to a huge lesion and, if left untreated, amputation.

Dont worry. You won’t have to sacrifice fashion and style for comfort. Brands like Sanuk offer comfortable sandals in several trendy styles so you can feel and look great! If you are looking for maximum quality and support in a durable orthopedic sandal that will last through several years of wear and tear, check out Spenco’s orthotic sandals. Teva offers several comfortable vacation sandals that are awesome on the beach, hiking, extreme water sports or paired with shorts.

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