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Occupational Foot Pain? Check Your Kicks

Posted by on 11/5/2013 to Foot Pain Relief

If you have ever waited tables before or worked a job that kept you on your feet all day (e.g. construction or other industrial occupations), you know how loudly those dogs can bark. Standing for long durations will probably result in one, some or all of the following problems:

  • A dull soreness from the back of the arch (near the heel), up through the ankles and the entire lower leg.
  • Joint pain, muscle pain and pain from damaged tissue is common. The inner workings the feet house 26 bones, 33 joints, and over 100 tendons, muscles and ligaments! So much anatomical framework in one simple foot correlates to seemingly limitless potential problems!
  • Fungal infections like athlete's foot.
  • Blisters, bunions, chafing of skin.

Exactly the same painful problems can result from your fitness regimen (especially high impact cardio). Do any of these bothersome symptoms sound familiar? The culprit is likely your shoes. Comfortable shoes, orthopedic shoes and heavy-duty insoles are investments that turn around quickly for almost immediate relief. Eventually, making the switch will eliminate most of the problems listed above for good. You might need some additional assistance for fungal infections from over the counter antifungal medications.

Waitresses and food service employees would love Spenco's Siesta Slip-On orthopedic shoes, available for both women and men. If your industrial job is leaving your feet in need of a rub-down after work, supplement those steel toe work boots with a pair of our industrial insoles for full arch support, heel support, and gel compression.

High heels look great, but are probably the worst things you can put on your feet. Think about it: they crowd the toes and put the foot in a sustained, unnatural position. If you are like me, your heel sometimes gets caught in a sidewalk vent and ta-da! Sprained ankle! And a trip to the emergency clinic!

Cramped feet inside uncomfortable and tight shoes can cause nerve pain like neuromas (pinched nerve), which are nerve tumors. Gentle massage can relieve some of this nerve pain. Best Insoles carries self-massage products like the Moji Palm Massager. High heels trap toes, sometimes resulting in toenail fungus and discoloration or ingrown toenails. Spenco's Here2ClearTM Nail Renewal Therapy, with antimicrobial properties to keep fungus at bay and renew discolored, unsightly toenails in no time. Ingrown toenails require medical attention, but you can stop these types of high heel-related consequences before they begin with a slim-fitting insole for high heels, like Orthoheel's Extended Slimfit.

For the workers of the world! How do your shoe choices affect your job performance? What do you do to keep your feet happy from nine to five?


Date 2/18/2015
wanda hanna
I work on concrete floors and my legs hurt really bad and also the top of my foot! I need some comfortable pair of shoes!

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