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New, Exciting Products on Best Insoles

Posted by TK on 2/18/2014 to Product Reviews

Best Insoles is constantly offering brand new top-of-the-line performance-minded footwear that will keep your toesies clean, dry, and long-lasting through any unfortunate forecast, climate, and activity. Two of our new products: 1,000 Mile Women’s Trailer Low Rise and (unisex) Injinji Five Toe Running Socks were put to the test by our frank and thoughtful product testers, the Red Rock Product employees the Best Insoles office. Let’s see what they have to say!

1000 Mile Ultra Performance Walk Sock

"These are definitely my new favorite pair of hiking and outdoor socks. Other performance socks I've used often get way too hot on the trail and bunch up too easily. This pair seems to breathe very well and the heel grips on these make sure everything stays in place. Overall, this is a super comfortable sock that performs as well as it looks."
— Wes W.

"I'm in love with double layered socks now because of 1000 Mile Socks. I have the running sock and I wear them as much as I can to the gym. They're cozy, my feet never get too hot, and so far no blisters!"
— Leilani L.


"I was quite surprised how much I liked the Injinji toe sox. First I tried wearing them around the house, then I went out in them. They kept my feet warm throughout the night. I think everyone should own at least one pair!"
— Leilani L.

"The Injinji toe socks style took a little getting used to at first but I quickly fell in love. They not only provide excellent protection against blisters (which I'm prone to) but they are also incredibly warm and perfect for wearing while running or hiking in these cold temperatures."
—Caitlin G.


Date 3/3/2014
Nicole Garofalo
Two things: delivery took quite a long time (11 days) and I believe the 1,000 mile socks run small. I am a size 7 and my husband wears size 11 and both pair that I ordered barely fit :(

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