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Little Hotties Warmers Saved my Vacation

Posted by Nicole on 10/8/2010 to Product Reviews

Little Hotties Warmers Saved my Vacation

I’ll admit it: I’m a total woman when it comes to some things, like temperature, and last Thanksgiving was no exception. Being a Socal girl, I’m used to 70 degree winters, not 7 degree winters. When we got to Park City for the lift opening weekend I was miserable. My poor boyfriend was so excited about teaching me to snowboard, but all I could think about were my ice cold toezies. After the first day, I had pretty much given up and figured hot coco and a book would be the best decision while he had fun. Well, did didn’t really have fun by himself. At lunch, he came back with my gear, a lift ticket and a box of Little Hotties Toe Warmers. Reluctant, but not wanting to ruin his trip, I suited up and popped 1 toe warm in each boot. I had extras so I put them in my pockets as well, figuring I could warm my hands on the chairlift up. I could not believe the difference the little hotties made for my comfort. I finished out the day and was first up on day three to get going.

I was sore from the snowboarding, but ready to go again. Unfortunately, my gloves were not. I accidentally left them in the car the night before. The car was outside, my gloves were in the car and a bit wet around the wrist. They froze overnight. Little Hotties came to the rescue again! Rather than spending another $30 on new gloves, I went ahead and put the warmers in my gloves. They were still a bit damp but it didn’t matter because they were warm.

The Little Hotties toe warmers were well worth the few dollars I spent on them. I made sure we had a good supply for the next few trips. I’m also looking forward to another Utah trip this year with a box of little hotties toe warmers ready to warm me up.

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