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Ice Traction

Ice Cleats - YAKTRAX Pro Traction Cleats for Snow and Ice

YakTrax Pro Traction Cleats
Picture Courtesy of YAKTRAX

Prepare for Slip and Fall Accidents with Ice Shoes

Let's face it, accidents can happen just about anywhere at any time with relatively no notice. We would like to all assume that we are prepared for whatever the weather may throw at us, but this is simply not the case. The sooner we can admit this, the sooner we can start to become more prepared. We can take steps in the right direction to prepare ourselves for harsher weather. Ice and snow can be pretty extreme and we all know that the more severe the storm, the harder it is to get around because regaining traction can be exceedingly difficult when walking on ice. In fact, slip and fall accidents occur most often under weather conditions which produce snow and ice. After a major storm, you may be afraid to walk on the snow covered streets or take a few steps out onto an icy sidewalk to retrieve your mail. Simple everyday tasks turn into monsters!

Mobility becomes a major concern when winter rolls around. It starts to become an inconvenience to do everyday tasks such as run errands, maintain your workout routine, get to work or have a fun day with the family. You are left with only a few choices when it comes to solutions to your winter related problems:

  • Never Go Outside During Winter Ever Again
  • Tough it out and Hope for the Best
  • Purchase Some Expensive Snow Shoes
  • Purchase Some Inexpensive Ice Cleats for your Existing Shoes
Fortunately, one of these choices will put your fears to rest as there is a solution to your problem are Traction Cleats or more common referred to as ice cleats or ice shoes. No, you don't have to purchase another pair of shoes, the YakTrax Snow cleats slide over your existing shoes, are easy to install and super easy to throw on right before you head out the door. For the money, it doesn't get easier than this! There are many benefits of choosing this option over the other choices on the list. Don't just do it for yourself, do it for your family as well.

Another thing to consider is that snow and ice can be an even greater concern for the elderly, as slip and fall accidents can put them at greater risk for a variety of other ailments. A simple fall could mean days, weeks or even months in the hospital. This can be a major drain financially and emotionally. Whether you are a caregiver or you have a family member or friend who is elderly, you may consider picking up a pair of these slip on snow shoes for someone you care about to prevent them from falling on an icy sidewalk or snow covered road. There are solutions available to consumers that can prevent something tragic like this from happening to you or someone you love. A plan of action is absolutely necessary! Ice cleats should be a number one resource for you and your family during harsh weather. They will help you regain the traction that ice steals from you. Who knows, that pair of traction cleats could save your grandma's life.

Don't make excuses; instead, make sure you are prepared for what Mother Nature has to throw at you! Pick up a pair of YakTrax Walker Traction Cleats for Snow and Ice or Yaktrax PRO Traction Cleats for Snow and Ice. Protect yourself from slip and fall accidents by wearing these traction cleats. You will be satisfied knowing you have made a purchase that could potentially save you a lot of hassle and heartache. You never know how many accidents you may be preventing by making this small purchase. You should also check out other Winter Products for winter safety and comfort.