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How can Back, Knee, and Hip Pain be a Foot Problem?

Posted by Taryn Kelly on 6/17/2014

Many people that have pain and problems with their back, knees, and/or hips don’t realize that they can be interrelated and the root of the problem (pun intended) often times stems from problems with the feet. According to podiatrists, malconstruction of the foot can, over time, can lead to pain in other parts of the body.


If you have a foot that is not functioning properly or unstable, and falling inward, this is called pronation or flat feet. This can also come about from a foot that is arched too high. No matter what the problem is, if the foot is misaligned, it can throw the entire lower body out of whack. If the foot alignment problem goes untreated, this can and quite often does lead to back, knee, and hip pain.


To fix pain from the hips-down the solution is not top-down. Hip surgery won’t fix the problem, when the it starts at the feet. It is important to first check with a doctor and have the pain and/or problems in the lower extremities be examined first to make sure there aren’t other, more major and localized problems before visiting your podiatrist. This will rule out every other possibility for pain and discomfort.


Now for the solution. Start at the source of the problem: the feet. Visit a podiatrist and have your foot as well as your gait examined fully to zero in on the culprit. Most often, it is misalignment of the foot, but it may be something more extreme like bone growth or bone deformities. If the problem is hyperpronation, it is easy to understand how this would affect other parts of the body. The foot does not function properly and weight distribution on a flat foot is unusual. It will put unnecessary stress and strain on the muscular system, and the muscles bend and twist in an unnatural way. The muscles of the inner calf and thigh have to work harder to pull the foot up and down to take a step or run a mile -- leading to common injuries such as shin splints and runner’s knee.

Pain from the hips down, if due from supination, pronation, or unusual gait, can be solved with custom or regular orthotics and orthopedic footwear. Once your podiatrist diagnoses your problem, he may recommend orthotics be worn at all times in your shoes.

At Best Insoles, we have arch support insoles that will properly re-align flat feet while you walk. These include customizable insoles that will form to your unique footprint and provide customized care, including Sole Moldable Insoles or the more extreme ArchCrafters Custom Fit Insoles.

Do you suffer from knee, hip, or back pain as a result of supinated or pronated feet? We’d love for you to share your story!

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