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Foot Pain Help

Posted by Nicole on 8/17/2010

Millions of people suffer from a variety of foot ailments, the most common of those being foot soreness or pain. Some of the pain stems from wearing the wrong types of shoes, walking improperly, standing/walking for long periods of time or not having enough support. Whatever the case may be, your foot pain has most likely led to you searching for a solution. Luckily, we have some very viable solutions for you to try in order to get rid of your foot pain:

Home Remedies

There are a ton of home remedies out there that can help get rid of foot pain, temporarily. You can try soaking your feet in various solutions - vinegar (natural healing properties), baking soda, epsom salt. All of these can improve the look and feel of your feet, however, they are temporary solutions to you problem.


Insoles can be your best friend when it comes to alleviating foot pain. They come in a variety of styles and offer different bells and whistles. Picking a good insole becomes your responsibility, but it's not a tough decision. Simply determine where your foot hurts and you can find an insole that can help with that specific area of your feet. You can also go general and get a multi-purpose insole that can help with a variety of problems.

Shoes/Custom Orthotics

You can purchase shoes or have custom orthotics made that cater to your specific foot problems. Both of these can be somewhat costly, but worth the money, especially when it comes to having something custom made.

See a Podiatrist

Sometimes speaking to a professional is your best option. If you have access to a podiatrist, we highly recommend speaking to them about your concerns. Some foot problems can be much more serious than a home remedy, insole, shoe, or custom orthotic can help. If you think your foot pain is abnormal, then you should speak with a doctor.

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