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DryMax Run Lite-Mesh No Show Tab White/Grey (Pair)

DryMax Run Lite-Mesh No Show Tab White/Grey (Pair)

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  • As a runner, moisture is your feet’s worst enemy
  • Moisture causes blisters, discomfort, Athlete’s Foot and allows odor causing bacteria to flourish
  • However you also know your feet are going to get wet, either from sweating, stepping in a puddle, running across wet grass or getting caught in the rain
  • You can even get splashed at a race water station and instead of the water going in you, it goes on you
  • The Running Lite-Mesh Socks were designed with a special Dual Layer Moisture Removal System that moves moisture off the skin through the inner Drymax layer to the outer absorbent layer almost instantly
  • Running Lite-Mesh Socks are a Low Density protective padded sock
  • We use dense padding, as opposed to thick padding, as it protects feet without adversely affecting the fit of the shoes
  • Designed to be used in mild to warm conditions, keeping feet cool, dry, comfortable and odor free
  • The special fibers used in our Drymax Socks have a comfortable springiness and do not get stiff, shrink or lose shape over time
  • The whites are crisp and the colors never dull
  • They are designed to last a long time using the highest quality fibers, and abrasion resistant nylon fiber reinforcements in the normal wear areas

  • The Drymax Sweat Removal System uses 2 separate fiber technology layers to keep feet dry
  • Super Hydrophobic (water repelling) Drymax fibers are used on the SKINside™ and Super Hydrophilic (water attracting) Sensura polyester fibers are used as the absorbent outer layer
  • Drymax Sweat Removal System also keeps feet dryer because it is self contained
  • Flat toe seam prevents blisters
  • Arch band holds sock in place
  • Size mark for easy match-up after laundering
  • Made in the USA
  • Foot Inner Layer: 100% Drymax Olefin
  • Foot Outer Layer: 94% Sensura polyester, 6% Lycra Spandex
  • Leg: 54% Sensura polyester, 32% Lycra, Spandex, 14% Nylon

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