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Down and Gout

Posted by TK on 2/11/2014 to Foot Pain Relief

If your go-to dinner is a juicy fat hamburger washed down by a couple sodas or brewskies, you might want to think twice — and consider foot health! When your blood contains an excess of uric acid (a compound found in alcohol, meat, corn syrup and sugar), crystallized deposits accumulate in joints — most commonly that of the big toe. The result is a jarring and painful form of arthritis known as gout. Gout can also be prompted by certain medications like diuretics, aspirin, and chemotherapy.

Most commonly, gout affects overweight males over the age of 40, however 15% of those affected are women. Gout is a recurring condition found in 1-2% of the population. Episodes marked by inflammation, redness, localized heat and acute pain typically last from a few days to a few weeks. Gout can only be officially diagnosed by a physician, but pain characteristically arises at night lying in bed, when the body temperature drops. Sometimes, fever-like symptoms accompany this pain.

While there is no footwear that will cure gout, certain cushioned insoles (like the Spenco Total Support Insoles) and orthopedic shoes (like the comfy Spenco Men’s Siesta PolySorb or for women, the Spenco Siesta Slip-Ons) can significantly reduce the pain. The best thing you can do is avoid excessively indulging in the aforementioned foods and medications that provoke this condition. Once gout sets in, your best bet is to rest, keep the affected foot elevated and ice for 20-30 minutes a day. Staying hydrated with large quantities of water and other unsweetened/non-alcoholic beverages will may also help your condition. With any medical condition, make sure to visit your doctor for an official diagnosis. He or she may also prescribe medications that will ease pain and/or reduce swelling. Best Insoles also carries the Spenco Foot Pillow, that will help initiate immobilization so reduce pain and swelling.

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