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Do I need Arch Supports

Do I need Arch Supports?*

Arch Supports are not just for arch pain. If you have toe, heel, ankle, shin, knee, or back pain arch supports may be able to relieve your pain by correcting alignment. Often when the arch of your foot is not supported correctly the rest of your foot alignment is disturbed, affecting the alignment in the rest of your body.

Here is a list of Corresponding Conditions and Symptoms that arch supports can aid:
(Click on the condition for more information and suggested insoles)



Product Suggestions

Flat Feet

underdeveloped arches

All Arch Supports

Spenco 3/4 Arch Supports Orthotic Insole

Spenco Full Length Arch Support Orthotic Insole

Spenco 3/4 ThinSole Arch Support Orthotic Insole

Spenco Full Length ThinSole Arch Support Orthotic Insole

Spenco 3/4 Length Arch Cushion Insole

Spenco Full Length Arch Cushion Insole

Sole Heat Moldable

Lynco Arch Supports

Plantar fasciitis

heel pain (leading to heel spurs) and fatigued arches

Heel Spurs

sharp or burning pain in the heel due to inflammation

Charcot foot

weak and collapsing arches


cramping or burning in the ball of foot area

Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome

shooting pain or numbness on the inside of the ankle and foot

Sever's disease

affects children: pain felt at the back and side of the heel bone


a hard or thick spot of skin on the foot

Chondromalacia or Runner’s Knee

aching pain around the kneecap


thickening of the skin on the foot


enlargement of the joint at the base of the big toe

Shin splints

pain or tenderness inside and below the knee

Toe problems, such as hammertoe or Overlapping/ Underlapping toes

toes are incorrectly aligned

For others conditions that insoles aid by cushioning, see our symptoms and pain list.

*Please note that these are only common causes. Arch supports can only provide pain relief for arch related problems. We do not claim that arch supports cure any condition. The foot has very complex anatomy so there can be many different reasons to explain what is causing your feet to hurt, and some problems can cause more to arise. For this reason, you should always consult a doctor for a correct diagnosis or recommendation for insoles, especially if your pain is severe, worsens, or persists, even with the aid of insoles.