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Cold Feet? No Problem

Posted by on 10/25/2013 to Product Reviews

Winter is almost upon us. And try as we might, there is no amount of of layering that will keep our skin and bones nice and warm as we venture out into frigid temperatures. Frostbite occurs in locations farthest from the heart, on extremities like the toes and feet. Although you might not be hiking the Swiss Alps this winter, overexposure can be rather uncomfortable, lead to tissue damage and in the most extreme cases, amputation.

No worries! Best Insoles has you covered. From cold weather thermal insoles to warm orthopedic shoes, foot warmers and ice cleats, we won't let Jack Frost keep you from enjoying the great outdoors!

  • Thermal Insoles: Some winter insoles are lined with super soft wool, like Superfeet Merino White. These are great for extra support under sheepskin or wool boots. Other thermal insoles like the Superfeet Red Hot (for men), Superfeet Copper, and Superfeet hotPINK (for women) integrate heat-conducting metals inside the insole to keep the feet warm for hours.
  • Warm Shoes: Just because you need to wear snow boots from time to time doesn't mean you can't have a nice pair of orthopedic warm boots to keep you comfortable in the snow. Check out our Cobain Boots, featuring super soft and warm lining and a leather exterior. Spenco's Siesta Cold Snap features soft wool lining across the top of the show -- right above the ankle, an orthopedic insole in a slip-on, clog-style shoe perfect for indoors and outdoors.
  • Foot Warmers: Chances are that you've probably used hand warmers before, whether it be on a skiing trip or one of those below-freezing days. Little Hotties has created an insole-shaped foot warmer that will provide heat for five hours. Not recommended for shoes with air ventilators.
  • Ice Traction Cleats: Over-shoe cleats aren't going to keep your feet warm but they will keep you safe on slippery winter terrain such as ice and snow. They act like automotive snow chains, but they fit right over your winter boots.

What kind of shoes do you wear to keep warm through the winter months? Have you tried any of the above products? If so, what did you think? Drop us a line!

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