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Best Insoles Holiday Gift Guide 2013

Posted by on 12/5/2013 to Product Reviews

I just got off the phone with Larry Christmastein, Chief Operations Officer at Santa’s Workshop in the North Pole. Christmastein, an elf with 350 years of Christmas elving experience, wanted me to relay this message to all Best Insoles customers: insoles, orthopedic shoes, and ankle braces are hard to manufacture due to their elite construction, high quality materials, and medically-integrated technology. Check that list that you made twice over, and notice how many friends and/or family members might prefer practical, useful, or utilitarian gifts over your go-to picks from your yearly trip to the Christmas Tree Shop. The elves want you to think outside the box this year, and Best Insoles has thousands of products that go beyond your basic insoles. Let’s face it, athletic insoles are not always easy to choose for friends and family if you aren’t sure about their shoe size, width, or and problems (if any) they might have with their gait. Together, Larry and I created the first annual 2013 Best Insoles Holiday Guide with unique ideas from our site to perfectly suit every member of the family -- even grumpy Uncle Steve who makes no secret his intent on taking almost every gift back because it’s not perfect enough (we didn’t invite him this year). Bah humbug!

Allison. Your pre-teen daughter:

  • Merino White by Superfeet: If your daughter likes the softness and comfort of sheepskin UGGS, similar comfort can be found in these supportive wool insoles. They are very warm but not bulk: great for chilly Friday night football games inside of stylish boots.
  • The Cobain Trystan Boots combine orthopedic comfort with high fashion. Great for the snow, rain, and ice with rubber outsole. Boasts super-warm, double-lined sockliner with comfort insoles built right in and the top can be folded down for a more casual look.

Joey. Your athletic son:

  • SofSole Sneaker Balls are a perfect stocking stuffer for Joey (Mama will appreciate them as well). These little guys shaped like mini footballs, soccer balls, or baseballs -- are stored inside athletic cleats, sneakers, or shoes to neutralize and eliminate offensive odors. Comes as a pair.
  • Spenco PolySorb FLOW Warm Insoles will keep frigid feet and toes warm while exercising, keeping tissue damage, frostbite, and nerve damage at bay. Perform your best when you perform with the proper gear.

Mom: She’s a career woman. She spends most of her time at the office, at the gym, and doesn’t have much time to cook after coming home from her long day:

  • Foot Petals: Heel, pumps, and flats don’t get much love from the insoles world. That’s why Foot Petals created the Tip Toes (adhesive insoles for heels to protect the much-ignored ball of the foot), Killer Kushionz (the first insole for open-toed shoes and sexy high heels), and Sole Stopperz (adhesive stickers that stick to the underside of your platforms or pumps with sandpaper-like grippiness that brings worn-out traction back to life on the sole of your shoes).
  • Gaiam Super Grippy Yoga Socks: Yoga keeps Sally centered. And yoga socks will keep her feet from slipping all over her yoga mat once they become wet with perspiration.

Dad. Dad works through the rain, snow, mud, and ice during the winter months. We don’t know how he does it!

  • Little Hotties Tailgaiter: Nothing sounds like misery more than working in 15 degree weather for 8 long hours. Includes: Body Warmers, Pair of Hand Warmers, Pair of Adhesive Toe Warmers. Stuff in your jacket and shoes and you are good to go. Two pairs each so you can use them on two occasions.
  • YakTrax allow you to work outside in the snow and ice as if the terrain was grassy green. The PRO version is heavy-duty and durable, created specifically for those working outside.

Grandpa: He’s diabetic and doesn’t like to move around much. That’s okay, we don’t mind giving him a little TLC!

  • Diabetic Foot Pillow: Keep your feet safe and isolated with a pair of diabetic foot pillows. Great for wearing on sensitive diabetic feet anytime you are immobile (watching the game, napping, or sleeping).
  • Spenco 2nd Skin Bacterial Barrier Squares: Keep skin free from bacteria that might turn a simple scratch into a serious medical problem with Spenco’s 2nd Skin Squares.

Granny: Granny does the cooking and she’s quite a pistol for a woman of her age… but age is just a number, right?

  • Cryosphere Hot/Cold Foot Massager: What Granny doesn’t love her feet rubbed? Now, she can take care of aching dogs herself with self-massage Cryosphere Balls, a football-shaped rubber massage tool covered in grooved nubs to acutely reach tiny acupressure points inside the feet. Freeze for cool relief or pop in a hot water basin for warming massage.
  • Spenco Siesta Cold Snap: Recently featured on The View as one of Whoopi Goldberg’s favorite things, the Siesta is a warm, fur-lined slip on shoe. These are orthopedic shoes with built-in orthopedic, medical-grade insoles, but you’d never guess by looking at them!

Nervous about buying online in case someone pulls an Uncle Steve? No need to fear! At Best Insoles, we have a hassle-free, no questions asked returns policy (items must be unused and returned within the first 30 days). Are you a first time customer? You can receive 10% off simply by signing up for our newsletter. Don’t worry, we only send out coupon codes, promo codes and new product announcements. You can easily opt out of our emails at any time.

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