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Best Foot Care Apps

Posted by Taryn Kelly on 4/22/2014 to Foot Pain Relief

I am your average 28 year old with a nine to five. I save a little, I spend a little, and I have as many gadgets as most kids in my age group and tax bracket: a windows OS laptop, an iPod Touch, an Android smartphone, and an ancient netbook from the last decade. I don’t have a tablet, but that’s my next toy I plan on purchasing. What would an Samsung Galaxy S4, an iPod Touch, or a tablet be if it weren’t for the fun and easy-to-use Apps ( short for applications). They are either free or cost a few bucks. To throw out a trite but true adage to summarize the plethora of apps available: ‘there’s an app for that.’ It’s true. There’s basically an app for anything.

Footcare is no exception. Best Insoles is more than just an insoles wholesaler; it’s a website that helps you identify painful problems in the foot. We also offer foot care education, purvey orthotic shoes and sandals, and foot care medical supplies. Considering all that we provide at Best Insoles, I have combed through hundreds of footcare apps to find the best ones that will help you access footcare and footwear information via a single touch. Here are our favorite insole apps that you might go crazy for, as well:

  1. Runtastic Pedometer Pro ($1.99): The average person is supposed to walk 10,000 steps a day. How many steps do you take? The average office worker averages about 3,000. Get those numbers up and possibly lose some weight with the help of this app which is always running and counting so you can track your movements in an easy and logical way. Available for both Android and Apple products.

  2. iPodiatrist ($1.99): Learn about disorders of the foot, anatomical information, and you can even submit questions to the licensed podiatrist that created this app! Available for Apple products only.

  3. Foot Massage (FREE): Read foot massage tips then watch instructional videos to give you or your significant other the best foot massage ever! Available for Android. Best Insoles also sells self-massage tools for the foot like Cryosphere Hot / Cold Foot Massager.

  4. Foot Reflexology Chart (FREE): The eastern philosophy of reflexology believes that certain trigger points on the human body (mostly feet and hands) can clear blocked meridians, or channels in which energy flows through the body. This app has very thorough and easy to read reflexology charts as well as tips on how to massage using reflexology. Available for Android.

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Many of the apps listed above can be used along with products that we sell on BestInsoles.com. Using the apps and the products together may produce better results. For example, we sell a reflexology and trigger point massage kit that would be excellent when used with a reflexology chart or massage video.

A great place to start with any search is our Where's It Hurt page. It's build to help you start a conversation with your podiatrist on what could be going wrong with your feet. Do you use any foot care apps? If so, which ones do you like? Can you think of a platform for an app that can make using and buying insoles and orthopedic shoes easier?


Date 10/19/2015
Clare Mao
Feet is the second heart of body! But In my opinion,the common young persons will not recognize the HEALTH CARE of feet.Only the part of people with feet illness and the old people will be care of the feet health.How to make more people take care of their feet, as a footwear product manager,we need pay more efforts.

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