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Are Orthotic Shoes and Insoles Truly Necessary?

Posted by Taryn Kelly on 5/6/2014 to Foot Pain Relief

Many people who visit our site aren’t quite sure what “orthotic” and “orthopedic” means. We thought a little knowledge goes a long way.

“Orthotics” (Greek for “align” or “to straighten”) is defined as, “The science that deals with the use of specialized external mechanical devices to support or supplement weakened or abnormal joints or limbs.” 

Similarly, “Orthopedic” is defined as “The branch of medicine that deals with the prevention or correction of injuries or disorders of the skeletal system and associated muscles, joints, and ligaments.” Orthotics is a science; orthopedics is a system of medicine. They both address the same issue: correcting the alignment or misshaping of the feet by providing comfort and stability for everyday activities such as walking, running, or standing.

Orthotic shoes, orthotic sandals, and orthotic insoles can be the crucial remedy to sports injuries, back and spine issues (like Spina Bifida), correct and realign incorrect gaits or pronations (when the feet roll inward, leaving the length of the lower leg out of alignment for healthy motion), as well as pain that arises from high arches. It is a science based on the proven principles of podiatric medicine.

There are two types of orthotic footwear: prefabricated and customized. Customized orthotic footwear are prescribed and cost around $800 for a pair of insoles. Best Insoles offers customized orthopedic insoles by ArchCrafters that will save you a doctor’s visit and a large portion of the cost of custom insoles, averaging around $100 for each pair.

Best Insoles specializes, however, in prefabricated orthotic insoles that can be just as effective as customized orthotic footwear if you know what is wrong (or not wrong) with your foot shape and gait, best diagnosed by a a podiatrist. Your insurance may cover a visit to a specialist. Once you have been diagnosed, our large collection of insoles have everything you need to address the problems with your feet. 

SuperFeet Insoles, Spenco Insoles and New Balance Insoles are all orthotic insoles that specialize in relief from a multitude of foot problems, and you are likely to find more than one insole on our site that will address your unique and particular issues. If it is foot pain that you are dealing with, our prefabricated insoles and orthopedic shoes and sandals can address those issues as well -- just check out our interactive pain identifier!

Are orthotic insoles truly necessary? Unless you are blessed with perfect feet and a perfect gait, then unfortunately the answer is yes. Our insoles can help make uncomfortable shoes and running shoes more effective and comfy.

Pain issues can be recurring or a one time situation. Improper foot alignment and foot shape affects more people than not.  If you have any foot-related pain or other issues, you will need to invest in some corrective insoles to balance and realign the entire foot and leg. If you get lost in our huge inventory of comfort and orthopedic insoles and aren’t sure which insole is the perfect fit for you, contact one of our friendly customer service representatives toll-free at 888-473-3762.

What is the foot problem you have been diagnosed with? Which of our insoles or orthopedic footwear has provided the right amount of support to correct your unique problem? We’d love to hear your experience in our comments section below or as a product review on that product page.


Date 6/11/2014
Brenda Mayfield
I would like to know which would be the best for plantar fasciitis..
Date 6/11/2014
Brenda Mayfield
I would like to know which would be the best for plantar fasciitis..

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