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Spenco Polysorb Flow Insoles with Cooling Technologies

Spenco Polysorb Flow Insoles with Cooling Technologies
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Spenco Medical
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Spenco Polysorb Flow Insoles with Cooling Technologies

  • Performance, comfort and support with foot cooling technologies
  • SpenCool™ Top Cloth contains a special low-temperature jade obtained from natural resources that allows the fiber to effectively slow down temperature rise when the cloth is exposed to heat (strenuous activity such as running, athletics etc.) and then quickly radiate the heat to cool down after the heat source is removed (cessation of strenuous activities)
  • Provides 1-2°C (up to 1.8° F) of instant cooling at contact
  • When exposed to heat over a period of time can effectively drop the temperature 2-3°C (1.8° - 3.6° F)
  • Has an irregular profile which can quickly absorb sweat and guide it to the outer layer of the cloth for quicker evaporation
  • The concave heel pad allows for compression and thus displacement of air from the concave area during heel strike while running
  • As air is displaced, it is projected into the air channels toward the distal and proximal ends of the insole
  • As the foot progresses from heel strike to toe off, the air channels collapse under the weight of the runner and air is moved towards the forefoot 
  • This air movement assists in the convective heat transfer of heat away from the plantar surface of the foot
  • Air vent holes provide passage for air transfer between the top and bottom of the insole
  • The vent holes work in conjunction with the air channels to move air to and from the plantar surface of the foot
  • Magnesium Oxide (MgO) added as a filler for EVA material to improve the thermal conductivity of the EVA
  • Thermally conductive material provides an efficient path for heat as the heat travels from the plantar surface of the foot to the interface between the insole and the shoe
  • This interface is where the heat is dissipated by convection, conduction and radiation

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