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Spenco Orthotic Arch Supports 3/4 Length Insoles

Spenco Orthotic Arch Supports 3/4 Length Insoles
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Spenco Medical
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Spenco Orthotic Arch Supports 3/4 Length Insoles

Spenco Arch Supports Video

Specifically designed to help control the position of the feet!

Spenco Orthotic 3/4-Length Arch Supports RX™ are 100% support utilizing a 3/4 length, finally putting arch support in its place with the Spenco unique cushioning system! This flexible arch support is shaped to enhance your stabilization, balance and support, while allowing extra room for sensitive toes. The unique cushioning system of closed-cell, nitrogen-injected material helps absorb shock and improve overall foot comfort. Feel the difference of Orthotic Arch Support!

Specialized Features & Benefits of Spenco Orthotic 3/4-Length Arch Supports RX™:
  • Optional* moldable plastic arch support insert gives you firm, adjustable support that's specifically designed to help control the position of your feet.
  • The Nitrogen-injected Spenco material absorbs shock and distributes pressure evenly.
  • The 3/4-length leaves extra room for sensitive toes and can be easily moved from shoe to shoe.
  • The 4-way stretch fabric helps reduce friction that leads to calluses and blisters.

Other Important Information About Spenco Orthotic 3/4-Length Arch Supports RX™:

  • For normal and flat / flexible foot types.
  • Recommended for shoes with removable insoles.
  • Material Content: nitrogen-injected Spenco material, nylon, plastic.

More about the Spenco® RX Line:

Since Spenco® was started by a doctor, focus still remains on providing doctors with the finest products to aid their patients. Whether you need extra arch support to help treat Plantar Fasciitis or just some extra cushioning to help relieve a Heel Spur, Spenco® Insoles have the highest quality products to help keep you comfortable and on your feet. Most importantly this insole line, which includes the Orthotics RX and ThinSole™ Orthotics RX, is our most popular among our customers, proving that these insoles provide the needed arch support that everyone find more comfortable.

One-Year Unconditional Guarantee!


Read More aobut this Product -Click here.

* Directions and phone number on packaging, call Manufacture and they will walk you through the molding process

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Customer Reviews
Rating insoles 9/1/2012
Reviewed by: David from Baltimore Maryland.
I have used these arch supports for over nine years. I never put on a pair of shoes without these supports in them. I have reccommended them to numerous friends.
Prod. Design Analyst 8/10/2012
Reviewed by: Mario from North Carolina.
I had problem with my feet for several years and every time I went to a new doctor they made a mold of my feet and make orthonics that cost me a small fortune 3 pairs in total even-though they helped but they were hard and uncomfortable. Until one doctor said lets just try this arch support and WOW what a difference they make. Then I found them in the internet and I order 3 pairs and recently 2 more so now I have one in every shoe I own. Very happy and no more super expensive orthonics.
I bought a second pair to go with ones I bought years ago 8/7/2012
Reviewed by: Don from Columbia SC.
I had some of these from over 20 years ago. Plantar fasciitis flared up recently and the old ones made walking more comfortable. I bought a second pair to avoid swapping. The directions describe how to re-mold the inserts...I haven't tried this, didn't need to.
Sturdy and supportive 8/3/2012
Reviewed by: Pearl from West Coast.
Good insole that is very rigid.
Thanks! 8/2/2012
Reviewed by: Flora Woratschek from Las Vegas, NV.
I bought these because I lost one of my custom orthotics. They really helped with my plantar fasciitis pain. I plan to order more!
Great Product 5/8/2012
Reviewed by: G Gordon Connally from Buffalo NY.
I have used Spencos for years. I have a pair in every pair of shoes and my hiking boots. They corrected painful arch problems that have never recurred.
DD 4/5/2012
Reviewed by: Don Decker from Az.
GR8 product, one-third the cost and identical feel to what my Podiatrist custom made for me.
Like Money in the Bank! 12/14/2011
Reviewed by: Fred from San Francisco.
Best inserts by far! Have tried them all but when you find one that works, stick with it. Have had this type and style for close to 20 years and it works for me. I had PF and using this style and brand made it go away.
Spenco Arch Supports 7/9/2011
Reviewed by: Claire Meade from Sarasota, FL.
Repeat purchase, replaced an old pair and enjpy the comfort this product provides. Would highly recommend it to anyone with foot problems!
best support for my feet I've come across 7/4/2011
Reviewed by: carrie kurtz from wyoming.
Highly recommend these arch supports for anybody who spends long periods of time on their feet and suffers from soreness/tiredness. I haven't found a product comparable for durability and support.

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