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HTP Heel Seats Heel Cup Inserts

HTP Heel Seats Heel Cup Inserts
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HTP Heel Seats
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HTP Heel Seats Heel Cup Inserts

HTP Heel Seats are clinically proven to be 99% effective in relieving pain. They feature a patented "Fasciitis Bar" that applies acupressure to gently stretch the plantar fascia, alleviating heel pain. This bar redistributes the heel's natural fat pad and prevents partial collapse of midfoot.

Recommended for:
  • bursitis
  • fallen or weak arches
  • heel pain
  • heel spurs
  • plantar fasciitis
Made from soft, flexible Karton. 1 pair. Fits easily in any shoe

More Info:

The Heel Seat (looks like a shoe pad) is made from Patented KRATON, specially researched and formulated to meet stringent anatomical specifications. These are washable and extremely durable for long-term use. They flex as you walk or run, providing just the right amount of relief as your weight shifts without interfering with the fit of the shoe. The Heel Seats can be worn in most any type of shoe, and the special material they are made from keeps them in place at all times.

HTP Heel Seats

HTP Heel Seats - Treating Heel Spurs

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Customer Reviews
Relief at last 10/30/2012
Reviewed by: Gary Kidd from Mississippi.
Over the past months I have tried three other products in an attempt to relieve pain from Plantar Fasciitis. This is the only product that has allowed me to walk long distances with very little pain.
bunions and fallen arches 6/25/2012
Reviewed by: Bunion Girl from Baltimore.
At first I thought these would be really helpful so I stuck with them for over a week. One day on a hike I sat down on the trail and yanked them out of my shoes. The transferred some pressure to my metatarsels. Sadly, these are in the garbage with other support products I've tried.
Mrs 6/6/2012
Reviewed by: Judy from MN.
These heel cup inserts are wonderful. I have heel spurs and I wear them every day. I can tell when I do not wear the inserts as my heel will hurt alot.
These are great!!! 5/20/2012
Reviewed by: Tammy from East Bernstadt, KY.
I work in a doctor's office and I'm on my feet alot. I got plantar fasciitis about 3 months ago, after trying several methods for relief, I gave in and bought these. They have helped me tremendously. There are some days that I still have heel pain in my right foot, but most days I am pain free! So glad I found these! Thanks!
There Great fro Plantar Fascitis. 4/17/2012
Reviewed by: Charles from Gun Barrel City TX.
I use to have foot pain every day until I ordered these heel cups. I mistakenly did not follow the instructions and my feet hurt even more the first day but after my mistake and with proper use I now have no pain after being on my feet for 16- 18 hours a day sometimes. There Great fro Plantar Fascitis.
Mr 4/3/2012
Reviewed by: Lucky from Guerneville Ca..
I bought this product and it immediately gave me relief. A real solution. But the MOST important thing of all is that you put your shoes on EVERY time you go to the bath room at night. Otherwise you will just keep re injuring your heel. If you do that, the problem will be gone with in a month.
Yeah! My feet feel better 7/12/2011
Reviewed by: Barb from Orange, CA.
I love these. I wish I could say I have no more pain, but it is certainly getting better, and better with each day. These fit in a lot of my shoes. My back pain is much better since I have used these, and I wasn't even thinking it would be affected. If I did anything, I would by more so I don't have to swithch them from shoe to shoe each time.
I will get more 5/5/2011
Reviewed by: Annette from Fayetteville.
I bought this product with the hope it could help me wear shoes that I can not wear due to heel spurs. I am happy to announce that it helps. I am now able to wear a pair of white Keds and my Sperry Tod Siders all day at work. the inserts stay place and really do help with the placement of the arch and heels. I need to get another couple of pairs because my teenage sons have both tried them and they like them too!
These work 12/4/2010
Reviewed by: Pam from California.
These took some getting used to but, they really work. I always thought I needed more cushion for my heels. With these, my foot is in the right position and the pressure is taken off of the area that hurt so bad. It's wonderful not to have my heels hurting.
Great Product! 11/17/2010
Reviewed by: R COLLIER from New Mexico.
Great Product! I would recommend these heel cups to anyone suffering from heel pain.

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