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What are Custom Foot Orthotics?

Posted by Taryn Kelly on 4/8/2014 to Plantar Fasciitis Information
Customized foot orthotics are custom-made to fit your foot’s unique shape and size in a standing position. They are meant to replace existing replaceable insoles in shoes if you suffer from an atypical gait, flat feet, pronated feet, supinated feet, unstable feet, or diabetes. Also great for athletes and runners!

Living with an Ingrown Toenail

Posted by TK on 3/25/2014 to Foot Pain Relief
Ingrown toenails are common and curable but unfortunately annoying and painful. Our orthopedic shoes and specialized insoles should help!

What a Treat: Yoga for Feet!

Posted by TK on 3/18/2014 to Foot Pain Relief
What a treat: yoga for the feet! Using reflexology, trigger points, deep tissue massage, and leg rollers to regulate energy and life force through the body’s meridians.

Best Insoles for Lower Back Pain

Posted by TK on 3/12/2014 to Foot Pain Relief
Did you know that lower pack pain could be caused by inadequate footwear? Don’t take a simple problem and throw money at a costly doctor visit — check your kicks first!

Sanuk Review

Posted by TK on 3/6/2014 to Product Reviews
Review on Sanuk’s Yoga Mat Sandals for Women. Five stars!

Orthopedic Sandals: Put Some Spring in Your Step

Posted by TK on 2/25/2014 to Product Reviews
We love summer footwear like sandals and open toed flats, but hate the pain and discomfort that comes from flat soles. Orthopedic sandals are comfortable AND stylish!

New, Exciting Products on Best Insoles

Posted by TK on 2/18/2014 to Product Reviews
Try our two new orthopedic socks: The Injinji Toe Socks and the 1,000 Mile Running Socks!

Down and Gout

Posted by TK on 2/11/2014 to Foot Pain Relief
Gout will leave you in jarring and acute pain right around the big toe! Learn how to avoid this painful form of arthritis and how to treat it once it has occurred.

Morton's Neuroma

Posted by TK on 2/4/2014 to Foot Pain Relief
Morton’s neuroma or a ‘pinched nerve’ can result in a painful, sharp pain in the ball of the foot. Learn how to relieve and manage neuroma pain.

Air vs. Gel vs. Foam Insoles

Posted by on 1/28/2014 to Foot Pain Relief
Attention athletes: have you ever pondered the difference between air, gel, and foam support systems? If you suffer from atypical gait and/or sports injuries, the right support may prevent and reverse pain!

What is Plantar Fasciitis?

Posted by on 1/23/2014 to Plantar Fasciitis Information
Do you suffer from heel pain? It might be plantar fasciitis. Learn more about this common sports injury and treatment options!

Parts of the Foot

Posted by on 1/14/2014
Understanding the parts of the foot will help you identify the exact location of pain and help you buy the right insole for you.

Understanding Bunions

Posted by on 12/17/2013 to Foot Pain Relief
Bunions are bony growths that grow out of the side of the foot, where the big toe meets the metatarsal bone.


Posted by on 12/11/2013 to Product Reviews
Frostbite? Not with these tips and picks to keep your feet warm and dry all day long.

Best Insoles Holiday Gift Guide 2013

Posted by on 12/5/2013 to Product Reviews
Find an amazing gift for every family member at Best Insoles! Here’s our 2013 Holiday Guide!

Stay Safe on the Ice With Yaktrax

Posted by on 11/27/2013 to Product Reviews
What do you do to winterize your foot wear? If you’ve used Yaktrax, leave a product review on the product page!

Diabetic Foot Care

Posted by on 11/19/2013 to Foot Pain Relief
Suffering from diabetes? Keep all of your toes and both feet healthy by opening up to a few simple suggestions. Diabetic foot care.

Reflexology and Self-Massage at Home

Posted by on 11/12/2013 to Foot Pain Relief
Reflexology is a form of foot massage which targets pressure points for total-body healing. Best Insoles carries several pressure point self massage products!

Occupational Foot Pain? Check Your Kicks

Posted by on 11/5/2013 to Foot Pain Relief
Does your job cause aches and pains in the feet due to not-so-comfy footwear? From high heel woes to achy waitress toes, Best Insoles can help!

Cold Feet? No Problem

Posted by on 10/25/2013 to Product Reviews
At Best Insoles, we go beyond simply providing the best orthopedic insoles around, we also have an array of winterized products that will keep cold feet nice and toasty through the winter.

High Arch Help

Posted by on 10/18/2013 to Foot Pain Relief
Do you suffer from high arches? Are high arches the cause for mysterious foot pain and sports injuries? Here are a few simple ways to tell.

Superfeet Green for Sports Injuries

Posted by on 8/22/2013 to Product Reviews
Shin Splints Sorrows Solved! Superfeet Green insoles corrected my stride and now I can run pain-free!

Spenco CROSS TRAINER w/ PolySorb 38-034 - Product Review

Posted by Nicole on 7/10/2012 to Product Reviews
One of our very favorite insoles, the Spenco Cross Trainer. Awesome option for all types of sports. Spenco claims the cross trainer insoles, "absorb shock, re-energize feet and reduce friction" and we would agree. The insoles are a great way to quickly increase comfort and performance in your athletic or everyday shoes.

New Product - Yaktrax XTR

Posted by Nicole on 10/12/2010

New Product for Winter - Yaktax XTR

Yaktrax XTR

Check out this new product from Yaktrax! The Yaktrax XTR is for those who need something more extreme than the Yaktrax Pro and Walker models. These slip-on ice traction cleats resemble snow chains on a tire and they work basically the same way. Slide these babies on a pair of your favorite hiking shoes or boots and rest assured that you will have plenty of traction on ice and snow. They use a patent-pending spike and chain technology that keeps your shoes from slipping on snow and ice. Pick up a pair this winter for your family, friends or just for yourself.

The Go Pro Camera

Posted by Nicole on 10/11/2010 to Product Reviews

It all began with a demo.

I had just graduated from college with a BA in creative writing, and in search of a hobby as I worked a real job, so that I could eat, when my best friend asked me to help her make a demo for an upcoming job she was interested in. As starving liberal arts majors, we filmed the majority of clips and videos with small camcorders, and the occasional phone. We were now two small girls on a mission to make our action demo in less than a month. After a few days trying to get some video and sound off of one of our cameras, we decided we really needed to step it up.

A few months prior, Ashley needed to film a documentary short, and was able to rent a camera and boom from school to produce her piece. It seemed like a great idea at first, all we would need to do would set the camera on a tripod, hold the boom high into the air, and presto!- a movie was made! We quickly realized that this was not the case. The instruments that she was using were bulky, temperamental, and difficult to manage, and she quickly had to recruit myself and some others to help her make the movie possible.

Now, months later, without access to the school’s equipment, we brainstormed on the best ways to shoot her demo. We wondered, did we have friends in high places? No. Did we have rich friends with cameras? No. Did we have our own camera? No. Apparently, we only had our broke-selves to rely on. We decided we needed a camera, one that was small, portable, resilient, and most importantly, cost effective. Eventually, we were led to the GoPro camera. We were hesitant to believe that such a small camera could be everything that it promised, so we were anxious to try it out.

With our new little piece of equipment handy, we set out to make our video concept about through the eyes of the athlete, featuring shots of skaters, surfers, runners, and others, just doing what they love- being active! After days of strapping the GoPro to helmets, hands, boards, bikes, and all sort of things that can’t be discussed in blog-- we decided to take a look at the video feed—would we retrieve what we wanted? YES! The quality was incredible! It seemed as though the audience was experiencing every turn, jump, and bump. We felt as though we had struck gold with this little camera! It was and is, everything we needed, and in the end we shot an incredible demo, for a low cost, without having to sacrifice amazing quality. So that was it- edit, cut, and print, and we sent the demo out into the world.

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 What are Custom Foot Orthotics?
 Living with an Ingrown Toenail
 What a Treat: Yoga for Feet!
 Best Insoles for Lower Back Pain
 Sanuk Review
 Orthopedic Sandals: Put Some Spring in Your Step
 New, Exciting Products on Best Insoles
 Down and Gout
 Morton's Neuroma
 Air vs. Gel vs. Foam Insoles

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